Vision:¬†The goal of the Efficient Freezer Rebate Program (EFRP) is to educate laboratories about energy efficiency and sustainable laboratory practices, as well as directly reduce the University’s energy usage and carbon footprint. Through EFRP, RESPC will facilitate the purchase of highly efficient ULT freezers by providing a 35% instant rebate (up to $7,000 per freezer) to labs that purchase approved freezers, in turn saving an average of 5,930 kWh per freezer per year.

For more information about the program please contact 2023-24 RESPC Co-Chairs  Becca Segal (rhsegal@email.unc.edu) and Jash Sangani (jsangani@unc.edu)

In 2018, EFRP was awarded an International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories Go Beyond Award. Check it out here!