Welcome to the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Established 2003

Our organization works on a variety of projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation, and energy education on the university campus. We work with several different departments, faculty, and professionals in order to generate ideas and technologies that can be used to improve the use of energy at UNC. Through a Renewable Energy student fee, we are able to fund these projects and implement new technologies and retrofits that will help UNC Chapel Hill set the standard for campus sustainability as the flagship university in the UNC school system.

To get an idea of the work we do, check out our projects page. If you have any new ideas you would like to suggest, go to our contacts page and do not hesitate to contact us.

“The purpose of the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee (RESPC) shall be to increase the use of renewable energy and sustainable practices through funding of renewable energy, energy efficiency, maintenance, and energy education projects on campus.”