2011 EPA national building contest #2

Date: April 2011

Description: This project funded energy efficient measures and behavioral campaign materials in Kenan Residence Hall, Carmichael Arena, Kerr Hall, and ITS Manning for competition in the 2011 EPA National Building Contest.  These buildings were selected to participate in the Energy Star Battle of the Buildings to demonstrate energy efficiency in commercial buildings.  The competition required buildings to record their monthly energy consumption and compete with hundreds of buildings across the nation.  The Kenan Residence Hall proved to reduce energy consumption by 3%.

Allocation amount: $35,000

Benefits to students and UNC: This project allowed for the University to receive recognition for its efforts in environmental efficiency.  It provided the University savings in energy cost and provided students an education opportunity.  Students who heard or read about UNC competing were made aware of energy consumption by a building and how it can affect the environment of a surrounding community.

The 2nd EPA national building contest


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