Emergency Fund

Labs may apply for emergency funds on one of the following two conditions:

  1. Their freezer has failed and they are currently operating on a loaner or shared space.
  2. Freezer failure is imminent and the lab cannot wait until the next Application-Based period to order a freezer.

In either case, the lab must demonstrate a need for the freezer. That is, they must be using or desire to use a freezer for legitimate research and not currently have an excess number or inappropriately sized freezer.

EFRP has limited annual emergency funds so rebates through this avenue are often selective but nonetheless available in appropriate cases. If you believe your lab is eligible, please refer to the below two-step process.  If these guidelines are not followed we cannot guarantee a rebate. 

  1. Download and complete the application form below in its entirety. Email this completed document as a PDF to RESPCFreezerRebate@gmail.com with the subject line “Emergency Fund Application”. In your email please copy  rhsegal@email.unc.edu (2022-23 RESPC Co-Chair), Jash Sangani (jsangani@unc.edu) and Cindy Shea (cpshea@fac.unc.edu).  Your application will then be reviewed by the EFRP team and your laboratory will be informed of your status within one week. 
  2. If approved for an instant rebate, laboratories will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to properly submit a request for purchase through the University. 

Rebate Application:

Rebate Application (Word )

Rebate Application (PDF)